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FIVE STAR TUITION is a versatile centre run by a group of TOP-NOTCH experienced ex-MOE teachers delivering English, Math and Science enrichment classes for primary school students from Primary 3 to Primary 6. Five Star Tuition is a centre that only delivers results with proven track records. Our students have clinched school top positions in the past PSLE exams since 2008. Many of our students have made a dramatic improvement from C to A and B to A/A*. Our students learn more on formulating hypotheses, generating possibilities and specific answering techniques for their respective questions.

We believe that students have to learn out of the box to make them better 21st-century learners.

🏆80% of FIVE STAR TUITION’s students are from BUKIT BATOK, CCK, JURONG, WOODLANDS, TECK WHYE, AND BUKIT PANJANG have achieved AL1 to AL3 for their PSLE with many spotted PSLE questions taught by us.

⭐⭐⭐WE HAVE BEEN PRODUCING OUTSTANDING RESULTS IN ENG, MATH & SCI since 2008. Science activities and experiments have a way of bringing out the inner scientist in our young learners from P3 to P6.

👨🏻‍🎓Teaching beyond books is always our UNIQUE skill to ensure all our lower & upper primary students ENJOY their P3 to P6 ENGLISH, MATH & SCIENCE CLASSES more effectively.

⭐WE ALLOW THEM to explore and learn through engaging and relevant activities that allow them to understand their concepts clearly and fully.

👩‍🎓Being hands-on is definitely important in the classroom because it allows students to engage in kinesthetic learning. Studies have shown that kinesthetic learning, where a student carries out physical activities rather than listening to a lecture, is the most popular type of learning with students – ‘doing’ helps them to gain a better understanding of the material.

⭐It allows students to experiment with trial and error, learn from their mistakes, and understand the potential gaps between theory and practice.

⭐Most importantly, it provides educators with a unique opportunity to enrich the minds of young students in new and engaging ways.

🗣Here at FIVE STAR TUITION, our classes are capped at only 10 students to ensure that our teachers have 100% focus on all our students and our students have 100% attention in class too.

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WhatsApp @ +65 90079078 to more about us.

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